Learn About the Heinous Invasion of Al-Tekaina Village by the Rapid Support Militia

Join the call to halt these terrorist actions and hold the perpetrators accountable. Learn about the heinous invasion of Al-Tekaina village by the Rapid Support Militia in Al-Gezira State, resultin...


5/27/20241 min read

The Rapid Support Militia Invasion of Al-Tekaina Village,Al- Gezira State

On the 20th of May, the Rapid Support Militia invaded the village of Al-Tekaina in Al-Gezira State, committing a massacre of innocent villagers. The militia used the heaviest artillery they had on hand against the Tekaina people, resulting in dozens of civilian deaths and injuries.

What the Rapid Support Militia has done in Al-Gezira State can only be only characterised as terrorist actions through its invasion of safe villages, use of weapons against unarmed citizens and its aggression. Having repeatedly executed flagrant violations of the laws on the protection of civilians in international humanitarian law and all international instruments on human rights, this is no longer deniable.

Therefore, the Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights appeals to all relevant human rights actors at the domestic and international levels to stop the Rapid Support Militia on the basis of crimes against humanity, along with holding these criminals accountable.