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Join the condemnation of ongoing atrocities by the Rapid Support Militia, including the bombing of El Fashir and attacks on Darfur villages. Demand urgent humanitarian aid access to support the aff...


5/27/20241 min read

Bombing of the City of El Fashir and Attacks on the Villages of Darfur.

The Rapid Support Milita is still conducting operations against the citizens of the states to which it has transferred its military operations under the current food and humanitarian disaster.

The Rapid Support Militia bombed the city of El Fasher for the third day in a row, targeting the south and southeast neighbourhoods. As usual they have taken an interest in the hospitals, bombing the Saudi hospital, one of the few still remaining.

In addition, they have persisted in committing humanitarian violations in the villages of Al Gezira state, which has more than four villages besieged this week alone. This is happening while they simultaneously attack other villages, killing more than six citizens since the beginning of this week.

The RSF also imposed a military siege on the citizens of villages in the vicinity of the city of Umm Ruwaba, and prevented the entry of food and water to it’s citizens.

We at the Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights condemn these violations and warn the Rapid Support Militia against committing crimes against the citizens of safe villages and stable cities. Furthermore, we call on them to quickly and urgently lift the siege for El Fashir, Umm Ruwaba and all villages currently under siege, allowing the passage of humanitarian aid to its intended target.