RSF Militia's Brutal Attacks in Al-Jazirah State: Civilians Killed and Injured

The Rapid Support Forces militia continues its violent assaults in Al-Jazirah State, Sudan, causing deaths and injuries among civilians. Demand justice for human rights violations. #Sudan #RapidSup...


6/6/20241 min read

RSF Militia Storms Villages in Al-Jazirah State, Killing and Injuring Civilians

Continuing its criminal behavior in Al-Jazirah State, the RSF militia stormed the village of Um Karara in the Abu Quta countryside and opened fire on civilian citizens, resulting in the death of one person and the injury of others.

In the village of Al-Sawarda, in the southern locality of Al-Jazirah State, a citizen fell victim to the RSF militia's attack on the village, succumbing to gunshot wounds. The militia also violated the village of Al-Jumiaab in the Shabarqa countryside, east of the state capital, Madani.

We, at the Sudanese Human Rights Observatory, reaffirm our commitment to documenting human rights violations, standing against them, and advocating for justice, accountability, and the prosecution of those responsible for these heinous crimes against the residents of Al-Jazirah State and all other regions where human rights are violated in Sudan. #Sudan #RapidSupportForcesTerrorism

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