The Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) is a Sudanese independent organization dedicated to monitoring, documenting, and advocating against war crimes and human rights violations in Sudan. With a mission to expose these atrocities, seek justice for the victims, and contribute to the creation of a just and peaceful Sudan, SOHR conducts thorough investigations, provides evidence-based reports, and collaborates with national and international stakeholders to promote accountability and the protection of human rights.

As part of our Organization's endeavor to improve and develop seriously at various levels, including the renewal of the visual and media identity as described below and change Organization's name from Sudanese Observatory for War Violations to the Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights, to involve all violations against humanity and calling for justice.

We fully affirm our full commitment to the Organization's objectives of documenting violations of human rights in order to achieve justice and preserve the dignity of the human person of the Sudan, and we hope that the country will return to safety and dignity.