Our Principles


The task of documenting and advocating human rights violations requires a great deal of responsibility, transparency and clarity, while monitoring the facts in an accurate and efficient manner, in order to achieve confidence and contribute to the administration of justice, which we seek to achieve at the Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights, by monitoring violations according to the methodology described below:


The Observatory receives reports from eyewitnesses present at the time of the violations.

▪️Victims' own statements:

The Observatory is informed by some victims who suffered from violations and the reports are documented and dealt with.

▪️Field task forces:

In several states in Sudan, the Observatory has specialized teams to investigate reported violations and gather information and to search for any violations that have not been reported.

▪️Government agencies:

Government agencies are trusted sources for the Observatory and therefore any official reports are included in the observatory data.

▪️Accredited organizations:

Reports by accredited organizations working in the field of human rights are considered as secondary data which then get verified and compared with available reports before they are included in the Observatory's data.

SOHR's work centres around the following key objectives:

▪️Monitoring and Documentation:

SOHR closely monitors and documents war crimes, human rights violations, and violations of international humanitarian law in Sudan. This involves collecting data, conducting interviews, analysing evidence, and corroborating information from credible sources.

▪️Advocacy and Awareness:

SOHR advocates for the rights of victims, survivors, and affected communities by raising awareness about the ongoing violations in Sudan. Through public campaigns, engagement with the media, and collaboration with human rights organisations, SOHR strives to amplify the voices of those affected and demand accountability from the responsible parties.

▪️Collaboration and Capacity Building:

SOHR actively collaborates with national and international organisations, human rights defenders, and legal bodies to strengthen the collective response to war crimes and human rights violations in Sudan. SOHR also conducts capacity-building initiatives, providing training and resources to empower local communities, civil society organisations, and legal professionals in advocating for justice and upholding human rights.

SOHR operates independently, free from any political affiliation or bias, and maintains a commitment to accuracy, impartiality, and transparency in its work. By shedding light on the violations and advocating for justice, SOHR aims to contribute to lasting peace, reconciliation, and respect for human rights in Sudan.

SOHR's work centres around the following key objectives:

▪️Comprehensive Legal Support:

Under its mission to address war crimes and human rights violations, the SOHR extends comprehensive legal support to victims and survivors. This encompasses guiding individuals through legal processes, aiding in case preparation and representation, engaging in national and international legal advocacy, fostering collaborative legal initiatives, advocating for legal reforms, and ensuring victim-centered approaches. By empowering victims with knowledge, assisting in case building, advocating for systemic change, and amplifying voices globally, SOHR's legal support strives to achieve justice on both individual and societal levels, leading to lasting change in Sudan's landscape of accountability and human rights protection.

▪️Mental and Psychological support :

SOHR is acutely aware of the profound mental and psychological toll on victims and survivors. In recognition of this, it extends vital mental and psychological support. This support acknowledges the importance of holistic recovery and aims to provide survivors with the necessary tools to heal and rebuild their lives.

▪️Independent and Impartial Operation:

Operating independently and free from any bias, SOHR remains committed to accuracy, impartiality, and transparency in its work, ensuring its findings are rooted in truth.

▪️Fostering Lasting Peace and Reconciliation:

By shedding light on violations, advocating for justice, and nurturing human rights, SOHR contributes to the emergence of a more just, peaceful, and reconciled Sudan.