Protecting Humanitarian Aid in Sudan: Warning of Threats by Rapid Support Militia

The Sudanese Observatory highlights the urgency of safeguarding humanitarian aid from violence and looting. Learn about the threats posed by the Rapid Support Militia and the importance of ensuring...


4/26/20241 min read

The Sudanese Observatory issued a statement on March 22, 2024, alerting to the threats posed by the Rapid Support Forces against humanitarian aid. In this context, the Observatory anticipated that the forces would obstruct the delivery of humanitarian aid, as part of what appears to be a deliberate pattern of behavior.

Forces of the Rapid Support militia gathered in the north of El Fasher city, aiming to block the route of humanitarian supplies coming through the road stretching from Ad-Dabbah to Milti and reaching El Fasher. This move comes in a series of hostile actions, as nine markets were raided and foodstuffs and agricultural crops were looted in the state of Al Jazeera, greatly affecting the lives of approximately three million people.

The Rapid Support Forces continue to besiege the population in Krinik, leading to deteriorating living conditions and exacerbating the humanitarian crisis, forcing citizens to resort to animal feed for survival.

The insistence of the militia on looting the properties of citizens and cutting off humanitarian aid routes is a heinous crime. Therefore, we, at the Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights, strongly condemn this hostile behavior and call on the United Nations and the Security Council to take necessary measures to ensure the delivery and protection of humanitarian aid from the violence and looting perpetrated by the Rapid Support Forces.