Ongoing Brutal Violations Threaten Lives of Civilians - Urgent Action Needed

Ongoing brutal violations by the rapid support forces in the Jazeera State and other states in Sudan are causing food and medicine shortages, posing a significant threat to the lives of civilians. ...


4/26/20241 min read

The state of Jazeera and several other Sudanese states continue to endure the devastating consequences of repeated violations committed by the Rapid Support Forces militia, surpassing the threshold of catastrophe. Humanitarian indicators have reached a point where the lives of citizens are threatened, and if this situation persists, we will witness the deaths of thousands due to lack of food and medicine.

Violations by the Rapid Support Forces against civilians in the Jazeera state persist, with a third wave of violence hitting over thirty villages in March alone, painting a grim picture of a humanitarian disaster threatening the lives of millions within the state.

The militia has executed ten civilians in just three days in villages such as Salim and Manaqiza, while also looting solar energy sources powering the Biara station in the village of Al-Baqi' in the Abu Quta countryside. This station supplies water to three other villages, leaving over five thousand citizens without access to water.

Simultaneously, the militia has looted livestock and inflicted severe injuries on approximately fifteen individuals in villages west of the city of Al-Hasahisa. With healthcare facilities disabled and looted by the Rapid Support Forces, the conditions of the injured are expected to deteriorate, exacerbating health crises.

We call on the United Nations, the Security Council, regional and international organizations and institutions to take immediate action to curb these heinous crimes committed by the Rapid Support Forces, and to impose strict sanctions to ensure the safety and security of Sudanese citizens.