Oil Leakage and Sabotage: Repercussions and Accountability in White Nile State

Learn about the oil leakage in White Nile State and the repercussions of sabotage by the Rapid Support Forces on oil facilities. Take action for accountability and intervention to protect human rig...


4/26/20241 min read

The Sudanese Human Rights Observatory sheds light in its report on the oil leak that occurred in the White Nile State, which is a direct result of sabotage committed by the Rapid Support Forces militias in a number of oil facilities. This action is a blatant violation of human rights to live in a safe and healthy environment, in addition to the damage inflicted on vital state installations.

The report aims to condemn these violations and demand accountability for those responsible, both locally and internationally. The international community and all relevant human rights bodies must intervene to stop these violations and ensure the protection of human rights in Sudan.

The Observatory reaffirms its full commitment to documenting these violations and standing against them, calling for justice for the victims and the marginalized in Sudan.