Condemnation of Rapid Support Militia's Terrorist Crimes Against Humanity in Gezira State

The Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights urges international intervention to hold the perpetrators accountable and protect human rights in Sudan. Shocking reports of sexual assault by the Rapid Su...


5/1/20241 min read

The Rapid Support Militia's reign of terror in Gezira State persists, characterized by a relentless onslaught of purging, looting, and displacing innocent civilians through bloodshed and violent means. The Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights diligently records and monitors these abhorrent crimes, unequivocally denouncing them as terrorist acts against humanity, a designation that must be echoed in media coverage worldwide.

As these atrocities are meticulously documented, we implore all pertinent human rights organizations on regional and international platforms to take decisive action in halting these violations by holding the perpetrators accountable. Furthermore, concerted efforts must be made to bolster the protection of human rights across Sudan.

Reports of Rapid Support militias detaining and sexually assaulting women in Gezira State have surfaced, further underscoring the dire situation. A human rights activist recounted to the BBC witnessing the abduction of two young girls from the Hantoob area, east of Wad Madani City, by soldiers clad in Rapid Support Forces uniforms. The distressing scene of aggression perpetrated against these women stands as a stark and appalling violation of human and women's rights.