RSF Militia's Latest Attack in Halfaia: Tragic Loss of Three Lives

Urgent appeals for international and local action to end the violence in Khartoum State. Despite the media blackout, efforts continue to shed light on the atrocities perpetrated by the RSF militia,...


5/1/20241 min read

The residents of Halfaia mourn the loss of three civilians in yet another tragic incident attributed to RSF militias. Amidst the ongoing conflict gripping Khartoum State and the complete breakdown of telecommunications, three individuals from the Halfayat Al-Milook area, situated north of Bahri city, fell victim to gunfire unleashed by the Rapid Support militia.

The resistance committee of Halfayat Al-Milook denounces this latest atrocity as yet another addition to the militia's reign of terror in the region. However, obtaining further details remains challenging due to the severe communications constraints in Khartoum state.

Immediate action is imperative, both on the international and local fronts, to halt the senseless bloodshed and ensure the perpetrators of these reprehensible crimes face justice. In the absence of media coverage and telecommunications access in Khartoum State, it falls upon us to raise our voices and demand accountability for these atrocities. The perpetrators have flagrantly violated fundamental principles of international humanitarian law by targeting unarmed civilians, a reprehensible act that cannot be tolerated. They must be held accountable for their actions.