The Village of Umm Dawana Al Ahmada: Victims of Aggression | Gezira State

Joining the growing list of devastated communities in Al-Gezira State, the village of Umm Dawana Al Ahmada falls victim to the aggression of the Rapid Support Militia. Urgent international attentio...

5/1/20241 min read

The village of Umm Dawana Al Ahmada in Al-Hasahisa falls victim to the relentless aggression of the Rapid Support Militia, joining a long list of communities in Al-Gezira State ravaged since the militia's initial attack on December 18th. No corner of Umm Dowana Al-Ahmada was spared from the atrocities committed by these forces following each assault, including looting, robbery, displacement, and loss of life.

On February 13th, 2024, a large contingent of Rapid Support Forces descended upon the village on motorcycles, ransacking citizens' properties, stealing vehicles, and inflicting injuries upon two young men through gunfire. In a desperate bid for self-preservation, villagers resorted to flooding their surroundings by manipulating the Canar Stream channels, hoping to deter the entry of Rapid Support Forces. However, the RSF swiftly adapted their tactics, storming the village via motorcycles instead of cars.

As communication networks remain severed across multiple states due to militia interference, information about the situation in Al-Gezira State remains scarce. The people of Gezira endure a media blackout, exacerbating the plight of civilians and enabling the continued perpetration of violations by the Rapid Support Forces since their incursion into the state on December 18th.