Unleash Horror in Sudan: Urgent Action Needed for Ethnic Catastrophe

The rapid support forces have unleashed horror in Sudan, resulting in a devastating humanitarian and ethnic catastrophe. Urgent action is demanded to hold the perpetrators accountable and reinforce...


5/2/20241 min read

In Sudan's relentless war, the Rapid Support Forces persist in committing egregious crimes since April 15th, 2023, unabated and unchecked. With audacious impunity, the militia brazenly broadcasts its atrocities for the world to witness, devoid of any accountability or repercussion.

Once again, tragedy strikes as the Rapid Support Militia unleashes horror upon the people, this time east of Dalange city, resulting in a harrowing humanitarian and ethnic catastrophe. Shockingly, 61 civilians have perished, while over 22 unarmed members of the Nuba tribe, including United Nations personnel on the ground, suffer grave injuries.

Adding insult to injury, some militia members capture their atrocities on video, including ethnically motivated threats, underscoring the depths of their depravity.

Ethnic and tribal targeting, a violation of international humanitarian law, demands swift action from human rights institutions both locally and globally. These crimes cannot go unpunished. The perpetrators within the Rapid Support Forces must be held accountable, with urgent measures to curb their influence in Sudan.

Tragically, even individuals wearing the United Nations logo are not spared, further obstructing humanitarian aid access in conflict zones, exacerbating the suffering of civilians.

These brutal massacres have plunged Sudan into dire humanitarian conditions, depriving citizens of vital nutritional and medical relief.

We vehemently condemn these heartless acts against the Nuba tribe and all Sudanese lives. The Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights implores all stakeholders to halt ethnic targeting by ensuring accountability and reinforcing human rights protections.