El Fasher City: Population Shrinkage and Deprivation of Basic Resources

Discover how El Fasher City in North Darfur is grappling with population shrinkage and deprivation of basic resources. Join us in urging the international and regional community to intervene, end t...


4/26/20241 min read

The city of El Fasher, located in North Darfur state, continues to experience population displacement and social fragmentation due to forced displacement by the Rapid Support Forces militia. The city suffers from deprivation of basic resources such as food and water due to the military siege imposed by the militia on the area.

On March 19-20, El Fasher witnessed artillery shelling by the Rapid Support Forces militia, targeting the Nifasha displaced persons camp. These attacks on civilian settlements constitute a blatant violation of human rights and the laws of war, highlighting the aggressive policies of the Rapid Support Forces that target affected civilians and displaced persons.

We call on the international and regional community to intensify pressure on the Rapid Support Forces militia to halt these hostile actions and prevent their recurrence in the future. Immediate action must be taken to protect civilians and secure the delivery of humanitarian aid to the affected areas in Darfur and other regions suffering from conflict and displacement in Sudan.