Internet Outage in Sudan: Urgent Intervention Needed to Restore Access to Essential Services

The internet outage in Sudan continues to disrupt vital communication channels, impeding access to essential services. The Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights calls for urgent intervention to pre...


5/2/20241 min read

As the internet outage in Sudan enters its eighth day, significant fluctuations in network availability are observed in some cities, while Khartoum and several states remain completely offline. The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) bear responsibility for this disruption, depriving Sudanese citizens of vital communication channels and impeding access to essential services.

The deliberate cutting off of communications by the RSF constitutes a violation of citizens' rights and international instruments. This egregious act exacerbates the crisis faced by citizens, undermining their ability to access information and exposing them to further risks under international humanitarian law.

The Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights condemns this blatant violation and urges local and international stakeholders to intervene. Pressure must be exerted on the RSF to restore internet access and uphold the fundamental right to communication.

Families continue to struggle with communication and access to critical online services, such as banking transactions and medical assistance. The inability to access cash and the disruption of normal citizen movement further compound the challenges faced by Sudanese citizens.