Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Violations in Al-Gezira State: Urgent Calls for Intervention

Learn about the recent campaigns by RSF in Al-Suraibeh village, including blackmail and violence against civilians. The Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights calls for international condemnation an...


5/2/20241 min read

Human Rights Violations in Al-Suraibeh Village, Al-Gezira State


The suffering of Al-Gezira State residents escalates following attacks by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) led by Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo "Hemedti" on December 18, 2023. RSF elements continue to perpetrate egregious violations in previously secure areas, vandalizing property, stealing personal belongings, and committing cold-blooded killings.

Incident Details:

Yesterday, the village of Al-Suraibeh became the target of RSF campaigns, during which citizens were subjected to blackmail and forced to surrender all money, assets, including gold, phones, and cars, under threat of violence against women, children, and village arson. Civilians confronted the forces, resulting in casualties, injuries, and several individuals still missing.

Call to Action:

The Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights condemns these violations, emphasizing their grave impact on human rights and Sudanese citizens' suffering. Urgent appeals are made to the RSF to cease looting, property destruction, and intimidation of civilians. Furthermore, international and humanitarian communities are urged to denounce these crimes and designate RSF as a terrorist militia in alignment with international laws and conventions.


The Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights implores relevant authorities at local and international levels to intervene, hold perpetrators accountable, and uphold human rights protections outlined in established protocols and conventions. Such actions are crucial for justice to prevail and for Sudanese people to attain peace.