Reign of Terror in Al-Gezira State, Sudan: Urgent Call for International Action

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in Al-Gezira State, Sudan, are inflicting atrocities upon civilians with impunity. The Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights urgently calls for condemnation of these ...


5/2/20241 min read

Urgent Appeal Against Rapid Support Forces' Violations in Al-Gezira State


To all individuals guided by principles of morality and compassion, we address you today. We lead a campaign to shed light on the grave violations perpetrated by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in Al-Gezira State, spanning its cities and once-safe villages. Since December 15th, citizens have endured over 50 days of harrowing siege conditions imposed by this militia.

Continued Violations:

Despite assurances from RSF leadership, the militia persists in terrorizing ordinary citizens across diverse locales. This sustained brutality, in defiance of prior agreements, underscores the militia's blatant disregard for human life. Their activities include indiscriminate killings, forced displacements, and theft under threat of death or sexual violence.

Condemnation and Impact:

The Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights vehemently condemns these atrocities, which show no regard for civilian populations or vital infrastructure. Over 700,000 individuals have been forcibly displaced, with over 400 villages targeted. Moreover, the suspension of 500+ health facilities, including those crucial for cancer treatment and dialysis, exacerbates the humanitarian crisis.

Humanitarian Fallout:

The blatant theft and looting, affecting the sustenance of 3 million citizens, extend to government and private facilities, including the iconic Al-Gezira Scheme—a cornerstone of Sudan's agricultural sector for 99 years. Its disruption threatens food security during this harsh winter season, compounded by the theft of essential seeds and supplies vital for its success.

International Call to Action:

We implore the international and regional community to take decisive action as the situation deteriorates. It is imperative to unequivocally condemn the crimes of the RSF, without hesitation or ambiguity. Such condemnation is essential to safeguard citizens' rights and protect them from the heinous crimes against humanity and war crimes perpetrated by this militia.