Unfolding Humanitarian Crisis in Al-Gezira State: Widespread Abuse and Human Rights Violations

Discover the displacement, violence, and human rights violations plaguing Al-Gezira State. Urgent international intervention is needed to address this unfolding humanitarian crisis.


5/2/20242 min read

Summary of Recent Events in Al-Gezira State

As of December 10th, Al-Gezira State is home to approximately 7 million citizens, with an additional 500,000 displaced individuals. The state has faced severe upheaval since the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) launched attacks on December 15th, establishing military outposts in the "Abu Quta" area and advancing towards the capital, Wad Madani, which was assaulted on December 8th. Al-Gezira State holds strategic importance, serving as a refuge for around 600,000 Sudanese citizens and housing vital food and medical supplies for neighboring states.

Displacement and Violence

The RSF's actions have triggered a humanitarian crisis, leading to significant displacement across Al-Gezira State. Reports indicate the displacement of approximately 600,000 individuals, with further displacement anticipated in villages like Al-Manaqil and Umm Al-Qura. Many of the displaced individuals had previously fled from Khartoum. Testimonies from victims highlight brutal treatment, including beatings, robberies, and threats of violence.

Besiegement and Looting

In Wad Madani, the RSF besieged western neighborhoods, instilling fear through gunfire and threats. Subsequent looting of possessions, money, and phones occurred, accompanied by indiscriminate violence against residents. The RSF detained young men under false pretenses, exacerbating tensions and instability.

Detention and Torture

The RSF's campaign of terror extends to arbitrary detention and torture. Citizens, including "Uday Hatem" and "Muhammad Nada," were forcibly abducted and later released after enduring a week of harsh conditions and interrogation. Torture and interrogation based on confiscated materials further illustrate the brutal tactics employed.

Village Attacks and Civilian Abuse

In villages like Al-Azaza and Al-Ma'iliq, the RSF targeted civilians, inflicting beatings, shootings, and property plundering. Numerous individuals were detained, with their fates uncertain. The violence has resulted in casualties and widespread fear among residents.

Healthcare and Humanitarian Crisis

The assault on Al-Gezira State has devastated healthcare infrastructure, with hospitals and medical centers rendered inoperable, leaving vulnerable populations without essential services. Displaced individuals, including thousands from Khartoum, face dire conditions exacerbated by looting of relief supplies.


The situation in Al-Gezira State remains dire, with widespread human rights violations and humanitarian crises unfolding. Urgent international intervention is needed to halt the violence, hold perpetrators accountable, and provide aid to affected populations. The RSF's actions represent a flagrant disregard for human rights and demand swift and decisive action to protect civilians and restore stability.