Rapid Support Forces Militia's Attacks in Sudan: A Humanitarian Catastrophe

The attacks by the Rapid Support Forces militia in Sudan have resulted in over 500,000 people being displaced, halted critical medical services, and targeted financial infrastructure, exacerbating ...


5/6/20242 min read

The central Sudanese city of Wad Madani fell victim to a brutal assault by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) militia, sparking a crisis of immense proportions. Over 500,000 residents were forcibly displaced, enduring arduous journeys lasting up to 24 hours to seek refuge in neighboring Sennar and Gedaref states. Tragically, more than 25 lives were lost during this harrowing exodus.

The RSF's rampage not only uprooted countless lives but also jeopardized critical infrastructure. More than 900 healthcare facilities faced imminent closure due to direct attacks on their premises and medical personnel. Consequently, treatment for individuals battling terminal illnesses like cancer and chronic kidney disease was abruptly halted, leading to a devastating loss of life among patients reliant on these essential services.

In addition to targeting healthcare infrastructure, the RSF's assault extended to economic hubs. The Central Bank of Sudan was torched, banks were raided, and markets were plundered in Wad Madani's dry port, posing a significant blow to the economic stability of the region, particularly considering the influx of merchants from Khartoum.

Meanwhile, South Al-Jazira remains engulfed in a state of turmoil, with reports of continuous violations, including fatalities, intimidation, and widespread looting. The death toll in Al-Jazira state climbed to 21 within eight days of the onslaught, with over 45 villages ransacked and residents subjected to brutal attacks.

In Darfur's Ardamta Administrative Unit, the death toll surged to 1,500 individuals, escalating to 2,100 following the RSF's takeover of the Nyala Division. Reports indicate a disturbing pattern of collective punishment inflicted by the RSF and allied militias on civilians residing near military installations, resulting in fatalities, abductions, and systemic abuse in areas such as Al-Alifon and Dar Al-Salam.

Furthermore, besiegement tactics employed by the RSF have plunged cities like El Fasher into crisis, depriving residents of vital resources like water and risking widespread famine and disease outbreaks among the populace, including over 100,000 internally displaced persons.

Similar atrocities unfolded in Zalingei's Hasahissa camp, where over 15,000 individuals endured starvation and disease amidst RSF-imposed blockades, with confiscated food supplies exacerbating an already dire situation.

In North Kordofan State, the village of Al-Quz Abu Hamra became a target of RSF aggression, resulting in fatalities, injuries, and widespread looting, forcing residents to flee for safety amidst ongoing violence.

The RSF's relentless siege on populations in areas like Old Omdurman and Al-Fatihab continues unabated, with over 50,000 individuals enduring dire conditions exacerbated by deliberate attacks on markets and water sources, resulting in a staggering toll of over 215 fatalities.