Rapid Support Forces Disrupt Civilian Stability | East Nile Attack

Urgent calls for international sanctions against Rapid Support Forces (RSF) atrocities as they continue to disrupt civilian stability. Learn more about their recent attack in East Nile, Sudan.


5/6/20241 min read

The Rapid Support Forces militia continues to disrupt the stability of civilian-populated areas in and around the Khartoum State, as well as in other regions where military operations have been extended. Recently, the Rapid Support Forces attacked the East Nile locality, resulting in the death of a civilian, several injuries, and partial destruction of the market.

This incident represents just a fraction of the ongoing violations perpetrated by the Rapid Support Forces against secure residential areas, far from any military zones or government presence.

We urgently call upon the international and regional community to impose sanctions in response to the atrocities committed by this militia against civilians across various states in Sudan. The leadership of the Rapid Support Forces must bear full responsibility for these crimes.