Jazeera State Sudan: Enduring Wave of Violations | Rapid Support Forces

Join us in calling the international community to halt the heinous crimes of plundering, murder, rape, and theft in Jazeera State Sudan perpetrated by the Rapid Support Forces. Stay informed about ...


4/26/20241 min read

Since December 15th, Al-Jazirah State in Sudan has been enduring a continuous and systematic wave of violations perpetrated by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), with its safe cities and villages being overrun, and the number of villages pillaged exceeding 85.

These violations include crimes such as murder, rape, looting of money, and plundering of agricultural crops and food supplies. In the village of Abu Adara, a citizen was killed during a raid, with the inhabitants’ crops and food stolen. In Tannoub Reefi Tabat village, the RSF looted crops and household furniture from the residents. On March 21st, they attacked the village of Dulot Al-Bahr on the outskirts of Rafa’a, causing panic among the population and stealing the village's food stockpile.

We call upon the international and regional community, as well as the Security Council, to take the necessary measures to pressure the Rapid Support Forces and their leaders to stop these heinous crimes committed throughout Sudan's states.