"Terrifying Incident: RSF Massacre in Fori Village Leaves 12 Dead | Sudanese Human Rights Observatory"

"The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) commit a horrifying massacre in Fori Village, North Kordofan, resulting in the death of 12 innocent civilians and numerous injuries. The Sudanese Human Rights Observ...


5/6/20241 min read

In a chilling crime that sends shivers down the spine and shakes the hearts, the Rapid Support Forces militia committed a massacre claiming the lives of twelve innocent civilians in the village of Furi in the Khourtagat area of North Kordofan State. More than three others were injured in the attack launched by the Rapid Support Forces.

The Rapid Support Forces continue to target the security and safety of civilians, persistently committing violations throughout the conflict period. In the past year alone, hundreds of crimes have been documented in the Kordofan region, with North Kordofan State bearing a significant portion of them.

These areas are considered part of the supply lines used by the militia to arm themselves and smuggle goods from Khartoum to western Sudan, making them easy targets for these brutal attacks.

Cities like Um Rawaba and Al-Obied have recorded the highest rates of violations documented by the observatory, in addition to the targeting of power stations, markets, and theft of crops.

We condemn these heinous crimes at the Sudanese Human Rights Observatory and call on the international community and the human conscience to take urgent action to stop these massacres committed by the militias.