Support Forces' Brutal Actions Against Civilians in Sudan - Sudanese Observatory

The Rapid Support Forces' brutal actions against civilians in Sudan continue unabated. Reports of food deprivation, targeted killings, and extrajudicial executions have emerged. The Sudanese Observ...


5/11/20241 min read

The Rapid Support Forces continue to commit heinous crimes against civilians in several Sudanese states where military operations have been extended.

In Khartoum State, the policy of food deprivation, theft of citizens' food, and imposition of illegal taxes continue to obstruct the flow of food to residents within the state. In addition to cases of murder and targeted killings, the Sudanese Human Rights Observatory has documented five cases of civilian killings within Khartoum State since the beginning of May (seven days), including in Haj Youssef and Ambada, where a woman was killed after her house was raided.

In Jazeera State, the Rapid Support Forces carried out an extrajudicial killing of an isolated citizen who refused to marry one of his daughters to a Rapid Support Forces commander in the area near the Jazeera Project headquarters, and the fate of the family remains unknown.

In the city of Hassahisa, the Rapid Support Forces executed citizens, stole their money, and brutally tied one of them to a tree inside the market after his brutal execution.

The Rapid Support Forces are committing the worst humanitarian crimes against civilians. The Sudanese Observatory calls on all international and judicial institutions to seriously address these violations. We urge the Secretary-General of the United Nations to take the tragedy of the Sudanese people more seriously, and we call on the Security Council to reconsider its decisions and weak positions regarding these crimes.