Rapid Support Militia's Intention to Storm Al Fashir Raises Humanitarian Crisis in Sudan

Learn about the dire humanitarian crisis looming over Al Fashir, Sudan, as the Rapid Support Militia's aggressive policies escalate conflicts, displacing millions and plunging once-safe areas into ...


5/15/20242 min read

Statement | Preliminary Assurances About the Intention to Storm the City of Al Fashir by the Rapid Support Militia

Various cities and states throughout Sudan are still living in a difficult humanitarian situation that goes beyond the crisis and disaster stages, subsequent to the policies of the Rapid Support Militia, which moved the confrontations to previously safe areas. Millions of displaced people have fled to such areas from the hell of their military attacks launched on major cities and even villages.

The capital of the Darfur region, the city of Al Fashir, is experiencing humanitarian disaster that has reached the point of total collapse of living standards in the various neighbourhoods of the city and the camps surrounding the city.

The Rapid Support Militia attacked a number of localities of North Darfur State, displacing more than a quarter of a million people to the city of Al Fashir. Since July of 2023, the militia has burned more than 27 villages, attacked water sources and burned markets. Since January or 2024 they cut off humanitarian and food supply routes.

About 1,200,000 people live in the city of Al Fashir, which suffers from scarcity of food, medicine and security. This is mostly consequential to the rapid transfer of support for the RSF’s military operations to the city and its military mobilisation. Until now they have entered more than 700 fighting cars from Chad, in addition to mobilising more than 20 military movers equipped with heavy and medium artillery to storm the city of Al Fashir.

The Rapid Support Militia attacked the city of Al Fashir on Friday, May 10th 2024. Through careful follow-up, we have discovered the Rapid Support Militia intend to attack the city in the next few days, we warn and sound the alarm towards the humanitarian disaster that will eventuate.

We call on all humanitarian and regional bodies to pressure the support forces to lift the siege on the city of Al Fashir and all urban areas surrounding; also that they immediately withdraw the barriers that are preventing humanitarian aid from reaching the civilians. We hold the Rapid Support Militia fully responsible if it carries out any military action towards the city of Al Fashir.

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May 2024