"Rape of Nurses at Al-Husahisa Hospital: Violation of Women's Rights"

"The heinous violation of women's rights through the rape of three nurses at Al-Husahisa Hospital by the Rapid Support Forces calls for urgent intervention by international institutions and the sec...


4/26/20241 min read

As the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) continue to expand their attacks and encroach on civilian areas and service institutions, medical personnel have become targets for these rebel forces. Approximately 80% of medical institutions in the state of Al-Jazirah have ceased operations due to occupation or destruction by the RSF since the onset of this war.

In the aftermath of these heinous attacks, medical personnel have been subjected to horrific violence. Three doctors were killed upon entering the city of Rafah, in addition to two doctors in various areas of Al-Jazirah villages. In a particularly horrifying act, the forces raped three nurses at Al-Hassahisa Hospital. This despicable act represents a clear violation of women's rights and a gruesome breach of humanitarian ethics.

We call on international institutions, the Security Council, and all diplomatic entities concerned with Sudanese affairs to intervene immediately to halt these heinous violations and unlawful practices by the RSF, and ensure that justice is served in accordance with international law and humanitarian norms.