Sudanese Human Rights Violations by Rapid Support Forces | Urgent Call for International Intervention

The Sudanese Human Rights Observatory report exposes egregious human rights violations committed by the Rapid Support Forces in Sudan during February. Take immediate action to halt these violations...


4/26/20241 min read

The Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights presents a report documenting the blatant violations of human rights committed by the Rapid Support Forces militia in Sudan during the month of February, resulting in the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians, as well as torture, looting, and desecration of their dignity, leading to an indescribable humanitarian crisis and constituting heinous crimes against the Sudanese citizens.

We appeal to the international community and all relevant human rights bodies, both locally and internationally, to immediately intervene to halt these egregious violations, hold the perpetrators accountable, and enforce justice. It is imperative to adhere to the protocols and agreements established to protect human rights.

We reaffirm our full commitment to documenting human rights violations, standing against them, and advocating for justice for the victims and the marginalized in Sudan, as part of our ongoing efforts to protect and promote human rights worldwide.