Ongoing Targeting in North Darfur Al-Hilea Village: Urgent Call for UN Intervention

The Rapid Support Forces' continued targeting in El Fasher, North Darfur, and Al-Hilea Village in the Jazeera State is a violation of international treaties and humanitarian norms. Join us in urgin...


4/26/20241 min read

Continued targeting by the Rapid Support Forces militia of El Fasher in North Darfur and Al-Hilaliya village in Al Jazeera state reflects behavior inconsistent with international conventions and humanitarian norms. Ramadan turned into a difficult period for the residents of El Fasher due to repeated artillery shelling, resulting in casualties including children and injuries.

The Rapid Support Forces militia has not ceased adopting a systematic policy of aggression and collective punishment against civilians in the villages of Al Jazeera, including assaults on civilians and the destruction of civilian property and homes, in addition to incidents of rape and targeting.

In Al-Hilaliya village, the Rapid Support Forces militia assaulted civilians through beatings and intimidation, engaging in inhumane acts such as the detention of women and children, theft of vehicles and money, resulting in injuries and internal displacement within the village.

We call on the Secretary-General of the United Nations to issue an urgent appeal to halt hostile actions against civilians in the villages of Al Jazeera and to pressure the Rapid Support Forces militia for immediate withdrawal from villages and civilian areas to improve the living conditions of civilians. We also demand prompt and fair accountability for the perpetrators of these acts.