Rapid Support Forces Commit Massacre in Um Jarees Al Awamira Village

The Sudanese Human Rights Observatory documents the humanitarian deterioration and serious violations against civilians in Um Jarees Al Awamira village. Urgent call for international intervention a...

4/26/20241 min read

It has been three months since the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) invaded Gezira State, with over four hundred villages and six towns living under the attacks perpetrated by these forces against civilians. The Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights has been closely monitoring the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the state, where the population suffers from severe shortages of water, medicine, and food, due to the repressive policies imposed by the RSF.

In March, the RSF imposed unofficial taxes on civilians in the Al-Hassahisa North locality of Gezira State, levying exorbitant fees on water and electricity amounting to one hundred thousand pounds, which constitutes a blatant violation of civilians' rights to access basic services.

However, the atrocities did not stop there, as the RSF attacked the village of Um Jarees Al-Awamir once again during the same month, committing a massacre that resulted in the deaths of eight civilians and the injury of dozens.

The RSF continues to commit the most heinous human rights violations against the people of Gezira State, and we strongly urge them to adhere to humanitarian protocols, cease their aggression against civilians, and immediately withdraw from the villages and towns they have occupied.

We call on the United Nations and the Security Council to impose strict sanctions against the RSF for their crimes against civilians in Gezira State and in all areas they control.