Condemning War Massacres: Urging Withdrawal and Sanctions | Al Gezira State

Read our statement condemning the commission of war massacres in Al Gezira State. Urging immediate withdrawal, lifting the siege, and imposing sanctions on the perpetrators. Join us in pressuring t...


4/26/20241 min read

Despite the call issued by the Secretary-General of the United Nations during the Security Council session 9764, in which the council adopted Resolution 2724 emphasizing the necessity of reaching a ceasefire and ensuring the rights of civilians, as well as providing humanitarian assistance to those affected by the war, the Rapid Support Forces continue to commit crimes that amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Reports obtained by the Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights indicate that the Rapid Support Forces have been torturing civilians from Gezira State and drowning them in some agricultural waterways. As of this moment, the number of casualties may have reached one hundred citizens.

We at the Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights demand that the Rapid Support Forces and their military leadership retreat from these crimes and immediately withdraw from safe villages. We also call for the lifting of the siege on cities and villages in North Darfur, West Kordofan, and South Kordofan.

Furthermore, we call on the Security Council and international organizations to impose the harshest sanctions on the perpetrators of these crimes and urge the regional community not to reward militia leaders and to press them urgently and immediately to stop these massacres.