Rapid Support Militia's Onslaught in Al-Gazira State: 250+ Attacks, 1,000 Civilian Casualties

The Sudanese Observatory demands immediate UN action to stop the ongoing massacres in Al-Gazira State, resulting in over 250 attacks and 1,000 civilian casualties. Find out more about the alarming ...


4/24/20241 min read

Al-Gazira State has endured 125 days of relentless onslaughts perpetrated by the Rapid Support militia, targeting citizens across six different localities. During this period, the state witnessed over 250 brutal attacks on its villages and cities, with approximately 170 villages falling victim to invasion as of April 20th.

Amidst these ruthless assaults by the Rapid Support Militia, over 1,000 citizens lost their lives, and hundreds of unarmed individuals sustained injuries. Furthermore, agricultural crops were systematically looted, depriving farmers of their livelihoods, including the plundering of onion and pea crops.

Several villages across different regions experienced multiple attacks, resulting in civilian casualties throughout the month of April. The most recent tragedy occurred with the killing of a citizen in Wad Zarrouk village, along with three additional deaths last weekend.

The Sudanese Observatory expresses profound disappointment at the disregard of these crimes by international bodies and various judicial institutions, which have turned a blind eye to the plight of citizens in Al-Gazira State. We urgently call upon the Secretary-General of the United Nations to address these crimes, at the very least, and to exert pressure to halt these ongoing massacres.