Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights Condemns RSF Militia's Crimes in North Darfur

Urgent call for accountability and investigation as villages burn and citizens flee. The Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights strongly condemns the crimes committed by the RSF militia in North Dar...


4/24/20241 min read

The Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights has been closely monitoring the activities of the Rapid Support Militia as it mobilizes its forces along the border of Al-Fasher city, imposing a siege and engaging in confrontations in the Maleet area over the past ten days.

Amidst the significant crises unfolding in North Darfur state, where the number of internally displaced persons has surged to nearly 2 million individuals from all five states of the region, the Sudanese Observatory documented the Rapid Support Militia's assault on areas west of Al-Fasher city and Taweela. This assault resulted in the burning of over 14 villages and the displacement of approximately 40,000 citizens.

The Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights unequivocally condemns these abhorrent crimes and calls for those responsible to be held accountable. It urges a thorough investigation and underscores the importance of addressing these crimes with the utmost responsibility.