Sudanese Observatory Condemns RSF Militia's Atrocities in Kordofan

The Sudanese Observatory strongly condemns the atrocities committed by the RSF militia in Kordofan. Urgent UN action is needed. The death toll continues to rise as villages like Umm Rawaba suffer r...


4/25/20241 min read

Throughout the duration of the conflict, the RSF Militia has persistently perpetrated egregious crimes and violations across the Kordofan region, particularly in the vicinity of Umm Rawaba. Their reprehensible actions have extended into the state of South Kordofan, where they have ruthlessly attacked no fewer than 7 villages, leaving death and devastation in their wake.

Here are the villages that fell victim to these merciless assaults: Qardud Nama, Muqaytia, Arsh al-Yuwi, Tawali, al-Mudfaq, al-Dadouri, and Duqaq Four.

The toll of human life has been staggering, with over 70 innocent souls cruelly snuffed out, their hopes and dreams abruptly extinguished. Additionally, the innocence of hundreds more has been shattered, as they lie wounded, bearing the physical and emotional scars of this orchestrated chaos.

The Sudanese Observatory vehemently condemns these heinous crimes perpetrated by the Rapid Support Militia against the beloved citizens of Sudan's cities and villages. Furthermore, we urgently call upon the Secretary-General of the United Nations to transcend mere indifference and delve deeply into the harrowing reality beyond the sterile confines of reports and chambers. The suffering of the Sudanese people demands immediate and decisive action on the international stage.