RSF Militia's Ruthless Attacks during Eid al-Fitr Shock Al-Gezira Residents

The Sudanese Observatory calls for urgent intervention to halt the bloodshed caused by RSF militia's ruthless attacks in Al-Gezira. It is crucial to hold the perpetrators accountable for their acti...


9/26/20231 min read

In a distressing narrative of events, the Rapid Support Militia unleashed a wave of terror upon the residents of Al-Gezira throughout the sacred month of Ramadan. As citizens endeavored to find solace in the festivities of Eid Al-Fitr, a time synonymous with religious reverence and communal harmony, the militia callously targeted villages, disregarding the sanctity of the occasion and displaying blatant contempt for international norms and agreements. The most egregious transgressions occurred during the auspicious days of Eid Al-Fitr.

Numerous villages bore witness to the ruthless pillaging and plundering by the Rapid Support Militia. Instances included the brazen attack on Al-Rifa'iat village, where 30 cars were looted, and the harrowing ordeal in Umm Milaiha, where citizens were subjected to theft, compelling them to flee their homes.

Even the village of Hafir Makki fell victim to a treacherous onslaught and the rampant looting of residents' possessions. In a chilling spectacle devoid of all humanitarian values, the militia besieged Al-Muraibiaa village, taking its children hostage, and subsequently assaulted unarmed civilians in Tamid Al-Halaween village.

The Rapid Support Militia's atrocities extended beyond mere plundering and hostage-taking, resulting in casualties during Eid Al-Fitr. Tragically, the assault on Shuqira Al-Wadi village claimed two lives, while the raid on Al-Shabaik Al-Khalda village led to another martyrdom. The onslaught concluded with two more casualties following the invasion of Umm Al-Khair village.

The Observatory has persistently called upon both local and international entities to intervene and halt these reprehensible violations inflicted upon the citizens of Al-Gezira State since the militia's inception. Immediate action is imperative to stem the tide of bloodshed, theft, and hostage-taking, particularly involving minors and women. Perpetrators of these egregious crimes must be swiftly deterred and held accountable, as they flagrantly defy fundamental principles of international humanitarian law by targeting unarmed civilians, as evident in all documented incidents. This paradigm must undergo a profound transformation.