Witnesses Report Tragic Outcome in Violent Attack on Sharif Mukhtar Village

The rapid support militia launches a violent attack on Sharif Mukhtar village, resulting in 11 casualties. Urgent international intervention is needed to hold the perpetrators accountable for their...


5/1/20241 min read

Reports confirm that 11 civilians lost their lives in an aggressive attack by the Rapid Support militia on Sharif Mukhtar village, located in the southern region of Al-Gezira State. This incident marks a disturbing escalation in the militia's egregious actions against the residents of Gezira State, as they engage in wanton violence and looting.

The villages of Al-Gezira remain shrouded in silence due to a prolonged communication blackout enforced by the Rapid Support militia, spanning over 24 days and impacting numerous cities and entire states.

Urgent appeals are made to human rights advocates both regionally and internationally to intervene swiftly and hold the Rapid Support Militia accountable for their blatant violations of basic human rights.